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3 Techniques Used in Natural Waste-water Treatment

Natural waste-water treatment tank being installedNatural waste-water treatment methods are not only for waste treatment, they’re also for conserving biological communities around the world. Sustainable waste systems require low cost, minimal to no energy consumption, and low to no mechanical technology. These factors make natural systems a great option for developing countries and municipals looking for sustainable waste treatment options.

Here are a few examples of techniques used in natural waste-water treatment:

Constructed Wetlands or Phytodepuration

Constructed wetlands are one of the most popular options for natural commercial waste-water treatment. These consist of little deep basins, usually with inert material, and fed using aquatic plants also called as macrophytes. The macrophytes reproduce natural purification processes found in humid areas. The maintenance involved includes cleaning, trimming of macrophytes, and removal of floating vegetation.

Lagooning Technique

This technique consists of amassing waste-water in ponds where biological and physical processes happen to purify the water in two to 10 days. It is an efficient technique of treating waste-water acquired from small and medium-sized communities. It consists of anaerobic ponds where organic matter is stabilised and destroyed and oxidation ponds, which remove any remaining organic matter. Purification yields are 90% for organic matter and 70% to 90% for removal of nutrient substances. The maintenance involved includes cleaning the pipes and removing the mud and algae. The primary limitation is land availability.

Storage in Tanks

Here, waste-water is stored in large basins made of soil where the purification takes place. Purification yield varies depending on climate, size of the reservoir, and other operational factors. Removal of suspended solids is below 70%, while BDO5 removal is 30% to 50%. This technique is a good choice in the treatment of primary urban waste-water.

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Natural waste-water systems are efficient and profitable methods of commercial waste-water treatment. They are used for the treatment of waste-water from industries, homes, and agricultural operations. The simple building and maintaining of natural systems make them a good choice compared to conventional sewer treatment methods.

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