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3 Vital Safety Practices When Using a Magnetic Drill

Construction Safety

Safety is important in any field of work, and it is especially vital when it comes to construction jobs. In building projects, power tools such as the magnetic drill are used every day and despite their usefulness, they can also be potentially dangerous items if not properly cared for. Experts from the Powerpac Group share three vital safety pointers you need to keep in mind when using your magnetic drill.

Use the Safety Strap

If you usually work in high structures such as buildings then it would be best if you use the safety strap for the drill at all times. It is meant to keep the drill from accidentally falling when you pull the plug out or move it anywhere. Not only will it be damaged if it falls, those below might get hurt as well. Though the drill does have a powerful magnet installed to keep it from moving when stuck to any metallic structure, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Use Safety Gear

Safety gear is a requirement in any construction project and should always be worn when on the job. Goggles, helmets, and gloves are all meant to keep you safe from any mishap from falling objects or any potential injury from using heavy-duty equipment. Despite the magnetic drill being an extremely useful power tool, it can still harm you if you are not wearing your safety gear.

Be Mindful of Electrical Safety

Magnetic drills, as with other construction machines and equipment, uses electricity.It, therefore,  follows that you should practise basic electrical safety procedures. Plug the machine in and pull it out using the plug and not the cord. Avoid getting the machine wet to prevent electrical shock. Replace drills that have frayed wires and operational issues. Make sure you keep it in a safe, dry and cool place when not in use.

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Machines like magnetic drills can prove to be very helpful in construction work. However, the people who use them should be responsible for their proper and safe use and handling. Remember, protecting your equipment means protecting your own safety, along with those working around you.

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