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3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling to New Zealand

Traveling to New ZealandNew Zealand is a beautiful country. From the picturesque nature backdrops worthy of The Lord of the Rings and the welcoming, friendly locals, there are plenty of reasons for you to travel to the “land of the long white cloud.” If you are travelling to Kiwi-land anytime soon and would like to keep your costs to a minimum, check the following recommendations.

  1. Use combination of travel money

No.1 Currency notes that the most obvious travel money option in New Zealand is to go to a currency exchange counter for a flexible and convenient way to pay. The travel cards bought in advance can also help you save money since they lock in exchange rates at the time of purchase, so you don’t have to be affected by rate fluctuations.

  1. Scour the web for airfare discounts

Airlines such as Air New Zealand and Qantas regularly send emails to their customers announcing airfare deals and promos you can take advantage of. You can expect most of these discounts during the off-season months of autumn (March to May) and summer (September to October), where there are far fewer travellers than the peak summer season in December to February.

  1. Plan your trip well

If your budget is small, considering limiting your sightseeing to either the North or South Island. This helps you save on inland travel costs, such as domestic flights or gas for car trips. Also, there are many, many ways to enjoy New Zealand for free, including hiking through one of its many national parks, swimming in one of its beaches, and visiting museums open to the public for free.

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If your budget is on the low end, don’t despair. New Zealand has an abundance of options for people who don’t have enough money to splurge on five-star hotels and helicopter rides through the mountains.

You can rent a caravan and camp your way around the country, or you can check in at a traveller’s hostel for less than NZ$20 a night. Local transport is also cheap, and there are many bus routes that can take you to all the most popular tourist destinations.

Set a budget for your New Zealand trip and stick to it to keep you from blowing money on expensive accommodations or tours you know you can’t afford.

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