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4 Reasons WhyCommercial Buildings Should Consider Solar Energy

Solar Panel Installation in Delaware Are you one of those still unsure whether to use solar panels for your commercial buildings in Delaware? Despite the growing popularity of renewable energy, many people still need prodding to adopt it. For business owners, terrasolenergies.com believes that you will be convinced with these reasons:

1. It keeps your workplace cool.

There’s more to solar panels than providing renewable energy to the building. In a study conducted by San Diego researchers in 2011, on hot and humid summer days, the panels take much of the beating, reducing the heat that passes through the roof and ceiling. In turn, you use less energy and A/C, which is good news considering you pay almost 20 percent higher than the national average for electricity.

2. It can be profitable.

As the supply of solar panels continues to go up, their costs also go down. Businesses can now afford to install and buy them for self-sustainability. This isn’t the only good news, though. With more solar panels, the building generates more energy that it needs. This excess energy can be a source of good income by selling it to  electricity companies.

3. The law can mandate it.

Although this hasn’t happened yet in Delaware, it’s still possible to make the installation of solar panels in commercial buildings a must. For example, in San Francisco requires new buildings with less than ten stories to fit their roofs with solar panels.

4. It can be affordable.

The state has one of the best renewable energy programs in the country. It continues to increase its spending on renewable energy and boosting its capacity. It is also making solar panel installation and use more affordable through funding, which electricity providers collect to offer as grants. Delaware also doesn’t have any sales tax, so there’s no need to clear an energy sales exemption.

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Plugging into the future could be as simple as using the sun’s energy. Install a commercial solar panel in Delaware today and let the professionals help you customize one according to your budget and needs.

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