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Balustrade Options: Getting the Right One for Your Home

 Ideal Balustrade for Your HomeSafety should be the main priority when building your home, especially if you have kids. Balustrades offer protection and are also an important feature in your home. Apart from providing safety, balustrades can add to the overall appeal of your property, so take your time when choosing one for your home.

In a nutshell, balustrades are arranged in a row of repeating balusters. Balusters are small posts that connect the top of the rail of a railing. Balustrades are commonly seen on staircases, decks, terraces, porches and more. They not only enhance the aesthetic value of the area, they also prevent accidents, like people falling off the staircases or balcony.

Types of Balustrades

Below are some of the most popular materials used for balustrades.

  • Glass: In Sydney, glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular. And why not? It is elegant, beautiful, and trendy. It also does not obstruct your view. Active Metal explains that glass balustrades come in different styles, such as fully framed, frameless, and semi frameless. The glass doesn’t have to remain boring and colourless. You may opt to have it tinted or frosted to any colour you like. You also don’t need to worry about the glass breaking as they are made with safety in mind. They are made from toughened glass.
  • Wood: It is the quintessential material for balustrading. You can’t go wrong with wood balustrades as they are suited for all styles of home. It is also easy to combine them with glass, steel, or wrought iron. You can also paint them to practically any colour that will complement the overall interior of your home. You can also have them carved to give them more intricate details.
  • Stainless steel: This is another modern balustrading material that goes well with many different building materials. Additionally, it does not rust making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Choosing the Right Balustrade

When choosing balustrades for your home, you need to think about the design you want to achieve. Apart from that, you also need to consider the interior and the overall architecture and landscape of your home.

More importantly, the main purpose of balustrades should be safety, but nobody said you can’t do it in style. Talk to a local balustrading professional near you for more information.

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