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Basement Leaks: The Hunt for the Source

Basement Leaks A leak in the basement can be a huge headache. Quick fixes are available, but it can only last long. The best thing to do is to solve your basement leaks outright by finding its source. It can be a tricky thing especially if the leakage has spread, however, finding the source is not an impossible task.

Ways to find leaks in your basement

  1. Smell

The most common symptom of a leaking basement is a damp smell. This smell can be caused by accumulated water in wooden floors, carpets, roofs or walls, says an expert from Waterproofing Direct. Wherever it may be located, the smell is the first indicator that something is wrong with your home’s waterproofing.

  1. Paint

Cracks at home are common especially when the house is very old. So, the best indication of a leak is through the house paint. Painted walls and floorings that are submerged to water and moisture for a long time has a tendency of breaking and peeling. If your paint peels then it is a sign that water has flowed through it, or is the source of the leak.

  1. Damp areas

Damp areas can be down the floor, on the wall or on the roof. Seek through your basement one by one for areas with moist or wet surroundings. Then trace the flow of the water. Doing so can give you higher chances of reaching the source of the leak.

  1. Molds

Molds grow in damp areas and are usually a sign that leak is present in your basement. Do not forget to remove molds or hire professionals to remove them before it pose health risks to you and your family. Trace the whole place to see where mold grows. Like tracing damp areas, molds can also lead you to the source of the leak.

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Channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes in order to find the source of your basement leak requires thorough search and a lot of patience. However, with the right waterproofing products in Australia such leaks can be solved in no time.

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