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Beyond Brews: When Coffee is Infused With Other Businesses

Coffee ShopsWhen you have ideas of setting up a cafe and aren’t quite sure what theme you’d like to follow, then you’re in luck. There are now fusion cafes that are offering not just a fusion menu, but fusion themes. Still unsure on how that works? Consider the following samples and see which would work for you.

Cafe Restaurant

Probably the most common among fusion cafe ideas, this theme usually offers a spot for just the coffee drinkers while they serve up a storm in the dining space. Normally, even if you are sitting in the diner space, you can still order coffee and vice-versa. This kind of cafes is best situated, for example, in mixed use developments such as Paya Lebar Quarter, to cater to office workers‘ lunch breaks and caffeine cravings.

Cafe Bookstore

Offering books along with a creamy coffee blend? The perfect combination for study groups, thesis sessions and alone time with a favourite novel. This cafe caters to the academic, the book lovers, the writers and the coffee enthusiasts – which are often times the same. Downloadable content can be offered to the more techie bookworms on e-books and electronic readers. Accompanied with a comfortable environment with sofas, lounges and beanbags, you can be sure it will be a reading enthusiast’s haven.

Cafe Gaming Hub

The geeks have invaded the cafes and it’s not just the computer game fanatics nowadays. Board games, handheld games and card games are now being offered by different coffee shops as part of their customer service to attract the growing number of game fans and comic/movie/TV hipsters that are always on the lookout for the perfect “wake up” brew. If you want to put up this kind of cafe, search for gaming hub centres and shopping malls.

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Gone are the days when a coffee shop just served up fine Java, but that’s fine. Coffee is now part of any worker, gamer and book lover’s life so why not mix them up. It’s actually the perfect business brew that even you can now build and capitalise on.



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