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Buying a Used Car: How to Avoid Making a Bad Purchase

Woman bought a used carBuying a car is something you should take very seriously, as it is a potentially significant purchase. Especially if you’re buying your first, there is always a potential to make a decision you might regret in the end.

To help you in buying your first car, here are some proven tips:

Consider buying a used car

First-time car owners should consider visiting a used car dealer in Provo like Tyacke Motors. A two-year-old car is worth only a fraction of a brand new one, and it does not depreciate as quickly, either. Consider buying a good two-year-old vehicle and drive it for thousands of miles. With cars becoming more versatile and tougher than earlier makes, you only need to take care of it to make it last forever.

Find auto financing you can afford

There are many financial institutions out there competing for car buyers’ attention. Make sure you choose the one that fits right in your budget. It’s a no mental effort: why would you choose to finance that’s more expensive than their competitors?

Check the used car properly

There are online services like CarFax.com and AutoCheck.com that let you check a car’s history, whether it’s been involved in a major accident, or if it’s been passed on from too many owners. You can even find out if the car was flooded. Every car has its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); check the VIN on the car you’re eyeing to see if there are any red flags.

Check the market for prices

There are also websites that can give you an idea how much you should pay for any make and model. KBB.com, ConsumerReports.com, and Edmunds.com are three of those sites. Find out whether you’re paying the right kind of money for the right kind of car.

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Have the car checked by your mechanic

Or your friend’s mechanic. What’s important is you have an independent mechanic who can test the vehicle first. Used car sellers typically welcome this, but if they don’t, walk away.

Check for reliability

Nobody wants to buy a car that will conk out in a couple of years. Do some online research on what experts are saying about the car you are thinking of buying. Three major things to check are reliability, fuel economy, and safety ratings. Find out also if the make and model have ever been the subject of a recall.

By following these tips, you are less likely to end up with a lemon. Don’t fall for the shiny exterior or the flowery words from a salesman. Do your research.

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