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Can You Keep Your Heating Bill Low During Winter?

Electricity BillThe Department Energy states that cooling and heating costs account for more than 50% of energy use in the typical American household. If you’re scared of the prospect of heating your home come winter because of the inflated heating bill you’ll no doubt receive, below are practical energy-saving strategies you should definitely consider:

  • Dress your windows with insulated curtains, place flannel sheets and other fluffy blankets on your bed and sofas, as well as cushy rugs on the floor.
  • Dress as if you’re going out into the cold — in layers. Consider wearing soft boots or thick socks inside the house, some gloves and a beanie for your head.
  • Refrain from using bathroom and kitchen fans because although they suck out hideous smells, they likewise suck out much needed hot air.
  • Close all your curtains at night and open them during daytime to let the sun’s heat in.
  • If your heating unit is an older model and isn’t functioning as it should, even with sufficient maintenance and needed repairs, say goodbye to it. Consider a new heater installation before winter comes.
  • Regularly change your filter, at least once monthly. A filthy filter will make your heater work much harder and pump up your heating bill.
  • Get a programmable thermostat so that it could make accurate temperature adjustments on the fly when you’re not around.
  • Make certain that all heating vents are unobstructed and ensure that your ductwork is wrapped tightly.
  • As hot air rises, turn on your ceiling fans but in the reverse direction to bring the hot air back down to your level.
  • Consider having your home’s energy use audited in order that you could determine how to better improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Have your home’s insulation checked to see if it’s enough or if your need to beef it up.
  • Have a professional tune up your heater every year to keep your heater running in optimum condition.
  • Keep your fireplace’s damper closed when you’re not using it to prevent hot air from escaping out your fireplace.
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Remember these energy-saving hacks to make sure you keep your family’s heating use in check and save money in the long run.

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