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Car Care Routine: Increasing the Longevity of Your Car

Car CareThe amount of care and attention you give to your car determines its lifespan. Naturally, well-kept cars boast a longer lifespan. A proper care routine keeps your vehicle in the best condition, enabling you to drive it for the longest time possible.

Check and change the fluids regularly

Check the oil levels often and change the oil regularly. It’s advisable to do it every 1000 to 3000 miles. Remember to check the power steering and transmission fluid regularly. Keep an eye on the colour of the fluids. Antifreeze should be either pink, green, or yellow. If it turns brown, flush it since sit already contains rust and dirt that can clog your car. Transmission fluid is bright red in colour. If it’s not clean, then you will have issues with shifting and changing gears.

Replace the brake fluid every two years to ensure high performance. Heavy braking heats up the fluid, turning it into vapour, which causes brake failure due to the formation of bubbles in the braking system.

Use superior replacement parts

In addition to regular care and maintenance, the use of remarkable components increases the lifespan of your car. Low-cost, inferior parts have a high rate of breakdown and could lead to greater damage to your car.

K.D. Auto Spares and other experts say that visiting a reliable dealer is a sure way to get superior parts and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. You also have access to skilled professionals to help with the repair process. In most cases, such parts carry a warranty and come at a pocket-friendly rate.

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Preventive care is the key to increasing the longevity of your vehicle. Luckily, much of these processes are relatively easy and do not require special skills to implement.

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