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Know When to Bring Your Car – and Its Tires – for Servicing

The life of a car tire depends on many different factors, from the materials used to their construction method to any other life-increasing technology that the manufacturer may have used on it. Of course, the higher the quality of the tire is, the longer use you can get out of it. However, there are certain […]

Utah Lawmakers Aim to Offer Tech-Friendly Roads for Driverless Cars

The development of driverless car technology in Utah will receive some regulatory support from the state’s lawmakers, who are advancing work on creating a regulatory-friendly environment for the initiative. Regulatory Changes Car manufacturers are expected to roll out semi-autonomous car on roads as early as 2018, although it could take longer depending on the completion of certain […]

When You Need a Professional to Look at Your Car’s Suspension

There are many ways to enjoy the beautiful North Island town of Rotorua, like cruising and sightseeing with your car. Your much-awaited drive, however, can quickly turn into a nightmare when your car doesn’t even want to start or when it has stopped in the middle of the road. You want to remain as safe […]

4 Ways to Prepare for a Road Trip

In a diverse country like New Zealand, a road trip is almost a rite of passage for those living in it. The great thing about them is that there are undiscovered destinations you may be able to see. That said, no matter how random a road trip can be, there are still some preparations that […]

Study: New Car Costs $8,500 to Own and Operate in 2017

The cost of owning and operating a new car in 2017 will generally depend on the vehicle type, but each driver will need to spend an average of almost $8,500 per year, according to an AAA study. John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, said that the price, maintenance, repair, and cost […]

Classic Car Care: How to Make Your Ride Last Longer

A classic car in your possession may bring you back memories of your younger years when you used to see or ride in a similar vehicle. A classic car can also be a great investment, not to mention the fact that you can ride every day with pride and style. This is enough reason to […]

Buying a Used Car: How to Avoid Making a Bad Purchase

Buying a car is something you should take very seriously, as it is a potentially significant purchase. Especially if you’re buying your first, there is always a potential to make a decision you might regret in the end. To help you in buying your first car, here are some proven tips: Consider buying a used […]

4 Helpful Ways When Moving Your Business to a New Location

At some point as an entrepreneur, you will feel the need to relocate your business to a new place if this means better prospects for growth. To improve your odds of success during this crucial time, follow these suggestions: Time your move perfectly Sure, a good truck hire service will help to simplify the moving process on the relocation […]

Safe and Sound: How to Keep Your Car Away from Unwanted Intrusions

Many people have a hard time keeping their cars safe and secure from vandals and thieves, and it causes them a great deal of grief. The fact is, your vehicle is like a low-lying fruit to would-be trespassers if you have not taken steps to keep them away. As such, you now need to take proactive […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Nudge Bar for Your Truck

If you like to take your truck off the road, it is only natural to want to add a little bit of extra protection. Four-wheel drives are, by themselves, as hardy as they come. But there is nothing wrong if you want some extra gear to safeguard it from off-road bumps and collisions. In this […]

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