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Classic Car Care: How to Make Your Ride Last Longer

A classic car in your possession may bring you back memories of your younger years when you used to see or ride in a similar vehicle. A classic car can also be a great investment, not to mention the fact that you can ride every day with pride and style. This is enough reason to […]

Buying a Used Car: How to Avoid Making a Bad Purchase

Buying a car is something you should take very seriously, as it is a potentially significant purchase. Especially if you’re buying your first, there is always a potential to make a decision you might regret in the end. To help you in buying your first car, here are some proven tips: Consider buying a used […]

4 Helpful Ways When Moving Your Business to a New Location

At some point as an entrepreneur, you will feel the need to relocate your business to a new place if this means better prospects for growth. To improve your odds of success during this crucial time, follow these suggestions: Time your move perfectly Sure, a good truck hire service will help to simplify the moving process on the relocation […]

Safe and Sound: How to Keep Your Car Away from Unwanted Intrusions

Many people have a hard time keeping their cars safe and secure from vandals and thieves, and it causes them a great deal of grief. The fact is, your vehicle is like a low-lying fruit to would-be trespassers if you have not taken steps to keep them away. As such, you now need to take proactive […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Nudge Bar for Your Truck

If you like to take your truck off the road, it is only natural to want to add a little bit of extra protection. Four-wheel drives are, by themselves, as hardy as they come. But there is nothing wrong if you want some extra gear to safeguard it from off-road bumps and collisions. In this […]

New Car Sales in NZ Posts Record Number in January

Car Sales in New Zealand

New Zealanders’ purchase of new cars for sale hit a new record growth in January, up 16% year over year, according to data from the Motor Industry Association (MIA). The record high figure indicated no slowdown in the automobile industry that has been experiencing strong sales for three years in a row. Vehicle registrations in January reached […]

Car Care Routine: Increasing the Longevity of Your Car

The amount of care and attention you give to your car determines its lifespan. Naturally, well-kept cars boast a longer lifespan. A proper care routine keeps your vehicle in the best condition, enabling you to drive it for the longest time possible. Check and change the fluids regularly Check the oil levels often and change the […]

Amending a Few Misconceptions About Mobile Home Living

Mobile homes are defined as factory-constructed houses that are mounted on a trailer platform for easy mobility. Though these properties hold a lot of promise, especially for couples and small families, a number of misconceptions have discouraged many from purchasing them. Here’s a small list of those mistaken impressions and the corrections for each one. […]

Safe Driving: Installing Snow Chains on Your Tyres

In New Zealand, your tyres will need snow chains on particular roads. They’re especially necessary for specific winter conditions, as these enable you to maintain sufficient traction on slippery surfaces or steep inclines and increase steering and braking control in unfavourable driving conditions. Fitting snow chains isn’t easy, however, but a good practice run will help. Here’s […]

Engine Tuning Course: Why Is It Relevant?

Whether you’re an engine professional or simply a car enthusiast, you can learn more from an engine tuning course. Engine tuning is the process of altering the engine internal arrangement to fit the standards require. The course is necessary for educating the learners on the different principles of the four-stroke system, how to time ignition, […]

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