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The EEOICPA and How it Helps Nuclear Weapons Workers

Congress created the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act as a federal program to compensate workers in nuclear weapons who became ill due to their jobs. The program also aims to compensate surviving family members of those workers who are no longer living. The program’s main beneficiaries are workers who worked for the US […]

Protect Your Ears from Further Harm Knowing the Causes of Hearing Loss

About 30 million Americans suffer from loss of hearing in both ears, and around 48 million for hearing impairment in one ear. In America, one of three people aged 65 and above has some form of difficulty with conversing and performing daily tasks due to limitations in perceiving sound. Two of every one thousand children […]

Delicious Cream Soup Recipes | Cream Soup Recipes You Need to Try

When it comes to comfort food, soups are usually part of the list. Whatever the flavor or the base, a warm bowl of soup goodness is always the answer when you are feeling under the weather or you just want something light and delicious to eat. Especially with the holidays coming, a creamy soup is perfect to […]

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