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Classic Car Care: How to Make Your Ride Last Longer

A Stylish CarA classic car in your possession may bring you back memories of your younger years when you used to see or ride in a similar vehicle. A classic car can also be a great investment, not to mention the fact that you can ride every day with pride and style.

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Of course, you have to take good care of your new ride. Classic cars may be old, but you need to give it your tender loving care if you want it to last and keep running like new. Consider the following tips:

Hands Off Please

Does your classic car have a chrome trim? You better keep your hands and other people’s hands from touching the trim as much as possible. Fingerprints and smudges can easily leave a mark on the trim due to the oils in the hands. The oils can also lead to the chrome’s degradation. You can easily wipe off any smudge or fingerprint from the trim using a soft cotton fabric.

Check the Tire Pressure

Will you be driving your classic car frequently? Make it a habit to check the tire pressure prior to driving, as a flat tire can give you a bad day. When any tire is lacking pressure, you can pump it until 32 pounds. With the right pressure, you can handle the wheel and brake easier. It can even help with your car's mileage and fuel efficiency.

Don't Forget the Engine

Remember to clean the engine compartment and the parts inside it as well. You can use an overhead light for better visibility. Remove some parts to better clean them as well.

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These are just some of the most important reminders for classic car owners like you. You can find many other tips online. You can even ask the dealership for any advice.

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