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Cleaning Beyond Mouth and Teeth: Maintaining Your Dental Appliances

Dental Appliances in Hertfordshire When maintaining good oral health, you need to go beyond brushing your teeth. Addressing dental and oral issues calls for more than just better brushing and flossing habits. Sometimes, you need extra help from the latest dental techniques to address your mouth problems. Dental appliances are a good example.

Whether they are removable Invisalign braces or mouth guards recommended by your dentist in Hertfordshire, they help manage chronic oral issues such as misaligned teeth and bite problems. If you are currently using a dental appliance, it is important that you also clean the device to ensure full mouth cleaning. Here are some tips for maintaining your dental devices.

Brush the Dental Appliance

You will want to use a separate brush to clean your dental appliance. Choose a soft toothbrush or a new nail brush for your removable brace or mouthpiece. Using a different brush lets you reduce bacteria buildup in your dental appliance. Since you are discouraged from brushing your dental device with abrasive toothpaste and cleaners, using a different brush will allow you to use milder cleaners, such as a detergent your dentist prescribed.

Do Not Boil

Most dental device manufacturers create appliances from high-grade rubber or plastic. As such, subjecting these devices to extremely high temperature may damage them and alter their structure.

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This affects the device’s proper fit and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.

Soak in a Cleaner

Dentists may provide different types of cleaners, depending on the appliance you are using. If you are using a mouth guard as a preventative measure for mouth injuries, soaking the device in your dentist’s prescribed solution is recommended. Lengthy exposure to saliva may cause bacteria to accumulate in the device, as well.

Brush and Floss Before You Put Them On

Poor dental hygiene combined with dirty appliances will give you more oral problems than you already have. Practise regular brushing and flossing before you put your device on to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the mouth.

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