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Colorado Cities Among the Best Places For Retirement in The U.S.

The Colorado skylineColorado’s climate served as one reason it is one of the best places for retirement in the U.S., according to study.

Littleton City landed in the eighth spot among the 10 best cities for senior citizens in the country. Other than climate, the study based its findings on different factors, such as crime rate, cost of living and housing, recreational activities, and health care.

Best of Both Worlds

Denver ranked third on the list of the top five places for retirement in the U.S. The best thing about the city could be its snowy and warm weather, which is perfect for those who want different seasons. Some retirement homes cater to different mobility needs of residents, whether it is a residential elevator or a chairlift in Denver.

Nature lovers should consider retiring in the city because it is home to many landscapes and natural parks, including the Rocky Mountains. Active seniors may not run out of ideas for recreational activities, as Denver is close to skiing, hiking, and biking sites.

Retirement Destination

Winona Dimeo-Ediger, a managing editor at Livability.com, said that in terms of climate preferences, the popular belief involves most seniors wanting to live somewhere sunny and warm. She added that those who have been used to cold weather since their younger years still find it pleasing to retire in a snowy city.

Walnut Creek in California ranked first mainly because of its “cool Mediterranean” climate. Locals coined this term to refer to the city’s dry weather with moderate temperatures. The city’s crime rate also falls below the nationwide average, while health care is also one of the best in the country.

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Senior citizens have many options when it comes to retirement destinations. Where do you plan to spend your twilight years?

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