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Deep Dental Cleaning: When you Need It

Dental Cleaning in PaysonThanks to modern technology, there are a lot of dental procedures at present that can help determine, prevent and treat oral diseases before it gets worse. A simple cleaning can help maintain your healthy sets of teeth. But when things get a little bit serious, your dentist might recommend deep cleaning. 

What is deep dental cleaning? 

Like the name suggests, deep cleaning involves the process of removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. However, it is different from normal cleaning because it involves getting down to the deep parts of the gums. This is made possible by pocket readings. Pocket reading is a process in which the depth where the teeth and the gums meet are measured using an instrument. The deeper the pocket is, the more serious the gum diseases is.

Deep dental cleanings are done to prevent of not help manage gum diseases. 

Common signs that shows you need deep dental cleaning 

Most dentists would recommend regular dental cleaning, but deep dental cleaning is usually recommended when these two things are present:

  1. The results of your scan is not good

An x-ray exam would determine whether or not you need deep dental cleaning. If your scan shows that there is a bone loss, of if there are pockets measuring significantly deep, then deep dental cleaning would be required.

  1. You have gum diseases

Checking your family history as well as your own symptoms can help your dentist determine whether or not you are suffering from one of the different types of gum diseases. Through exams and further assessment, your dentist would be able to determine the severity of your condition and would most likely require a deep dental cleaning procedure to manage it.

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Think you might need more than just traditional cleaning? Consult with your dentist in Payson to check on your oral health status. 

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