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Does Football Cause Hair Loss?

Person Playing FootballU.K. experts believe that prolonged and long-term impact of footballs to a person’s head may cause premature hair loss. In London, hair transplant serves as one solution for a balding head yet the experts’ new claim may shed some more light on what factors cause the problem.

Some surgeons believe that premature loss occurs among footballers mainly in the area where the hairline connects with the forehead. It becomes the most vulnerable to balding since players commonly strike the ball using this part of the head.

But before you decide to go to hair specialists such as Fue Clinics, read this first.

Head Trauma

Continuous trauma due to constant football heading leads to “chronic inflammation,” which is one cause of scarring and non-scarring alopecia. As several players have sought hair transplant procedures, the industry should try to delve deeper into the issue.

That is because anyone playing the sport would benefit from concrete information establishing the link between football heading and premature hair loss. The experts suggested biopsies of the affected areas and an epidemiologic study as the first steps towards finding any solid evidence.

Still, we cannot rule out that genetics largely plays a role in alopecia. Even if you avoid football, your chances of going bald remain high if it runs in the family.

Male Mane

While it is true that genetics mainly causes baldness, there are solutions that address this concern, particularly for men. London-based blogger Edward Lemont decided to undergo hair transplant to have a first-hand account of what it is like to have the surgery.

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Lemont concluded that those considering the procedure should be willing to prepare as much as they could for the surgery since it is a life-changing process with permanent results. Aside from that, he recommended seeing doctors in the U.K. to get an assurance of quality work.

When you have finally decided to undergo hair surgery, take note that the promise of best results often depends on how much you want it.

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