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Eco-Friendly Analytics Solutions for Freight Businesses

Freight Company in Freight Company Solutions in WhangareiSustainable transport services are important for freight companies looking to stay at the top of the pack because retailers and manufacturers often patronise environmentally friendly service providers. It is no easy feat, however, for freight businesses to minimise their environmental footprint. In fact, the 2015 Inbound Logistics Trucking Perspectives Survey revealed that at least 22 percent of trucking businesses stated that one of their greatest challenges in reducing environmental impact is sustainability.

While it can be difficult for these companies to identify which initiatives offer a good return on investment (ROI) from both an effectiveness and cost perspective, it is not impossible. Eco-friendly analytics solutions such as route-planning using management software, alternative fuel options and routine maintenance can help overcome the challenge of sustainability.

Plan Efficient Routes

Many freight companies utilise fleet management software to monitor real-time pollution-producing driving behaviours. Furthermore, companies integrate analytics tools into the software to identify the best routes to take to conserve gas and minimise carbon emissions. By considering traffic information, traffic conditions and historical records of customer deliveries, businesses can forecast specific outcomes such as whether the freight truck will arrive late or on time. This ability to forecast can help the company save time, money and emissions.

Ensure more Efficient Fuel Use

Alternative fuels are a vital aspect of ‘green’ trucking. Given how large the transportation industry contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, companies need to address this major issue if they want the public to see them as an eco-friendly business. This is where data analytics comes in. Freight companies can gather actual fuel cost and consumption and then employ predictive analytics to draw projected fuel costs. The data will help formulate the best business decision that can decrease both cost and environmental impact.

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Keep Up with Proper Maintenance

Improperly maintained trucks often leave a large environmental impact. By using analytics to address the issue, companies can spot problems before they happen and avoid truck maintenance problems that contribute to a higher environmental footprint.

Companies can minimise both their operational expenses and environmental footprint by integrating data analytics into their routine. Simply collecting information, however, will not lead to positive results as policy and process change need to happen based on the data-driven insights as well.

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