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Elevating the Luxury of Perfumes through Packaging

Men packing the boxes of perfumeScent is a powerful accessory. A whiff of a perfume pops into the recesses of our mind, evoking recollections of our past. The French writer Marcel Proust even called this the ‘odour-evoked autobiographical memory’.

But how do you sell something as near-intangible as a scent? Simple: packaging. The aesthetic value of a perfume reflects its contents the same way the scent reflects the person wearing it. Premium packaging elevates the luxury of perfumes, urging the customer to purchase the product.

Shape and Structure

A perfume bottle is characterised mainly by two things: its scent and its presentation. The blend of the scent is, of course, crucial to the perfume’s marketability, but so is its packaging design. Packaging presents the visual image of the smell, and customers are drawn to perfumes that have a premium appearance.

Designer perfumes come in delicately carved bottles that reveal the compositional component of the perfume upon the consumer’s first glance. Moreover, it is common to see perfume bottles for men that have more angular structures while women’s perfumes have curved shapes. Some brands also incorporate the overarching fruit or flower notes of the perfume to the colour of the bottle.

Intricate Design

Perfume packaging designs are very intricate with the embellishments that go with the bottle. Embellishments on perfumes come in ribbon cords, leather wraps and metal pieces. Jewels and medallions from die casting services often decorate perfume bottles to enhance the product’s luxurious appeal.

Sometimes, the perfume bottles and boxes opt for a subtle allure. Discerning consumers will see the luxury in the details, though. Embellishments and ornaments add texture, uniqueness and style to any perfume bottle.

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People tend to keep their perfume bottles long after they’ve finished them because the packaging of a premium perfume is a work of art. Designers place great thought into what goes into perfume packaging, and they deserve the appreciation.

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