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Eureka! Scientists Find Cure for the Common Cold

Common Cold in LondonYou might never have to say “Bless you” and “Gesundheit.” It seems scientists here and abroad are closing in on a cure for the common cold in different ways.

Bye Bye, Virus?

Emory University researchers are looking into a vaccine against the common cold. The vaccine is specific to just one of 200 viruses that cause the “sniffles”: rhinovirus. Rhinovirus causes up to 80% of common colds, and it also aggravates asthma in children.

With the vaccine, researchers hope to cure not only the common cold, they also hope to reduce asthma and chronic pulmonary disorders. So far, animal testing has proven successful. The next stage is, according to researchers, using human volunteers.

Meanwhile, scientists in London are already testing their nasal spray on human subjects. The nasal spray has worked in rats and mice. In contrast to the Emory University vaccine, the nasal spray targets RSV or respiratory syncytial virus.

Don’t Wait for the Cure

While scientists work hard to find vaccines, you can prevent the onset of a common cold with a few simple steps. The most important thing to do is ensure your home’s indoor air quality. Keep the air clean by increasing the ventilation in your home, removing contaminants through vents and duct cleaning, and installing high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA).

Other things you can do to prevent the common cold are washing your hands and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer; avoiding close contact with anyone who has a cold; and taking care of yourself with a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep.

Getting a cold is uncomfortable, but it can also be fatal to vulnerable, weak people, like children and the elderly. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent the virus while scientists work to find the cure.

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