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Four Reasons to Move to Brisbane

Brisbane skylineIn the past 10 years, over 174,000 people moved to Brisbane. The city has seen a huge population boost because of migration, and it seems more and more people are finding Brisbane an ideal place for migration.

Here are four reasons people are moving to this part of Australia:

  1. Affordable Home Options

There are many land and house packages in Brisbane from companies such as Planbuild Homes that cater to a wide clientele. There are also apartments designed for relocating families or legally single individuals who wish to relocate for work. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll find many residential options within your price range and lifestyle preferences.

  1. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Brisbane is a top choice for relocating families because of its family-friendly atmosphere. There are nearby child-friendly places families can enjoy, such as the Sea World, Movie World and Dreamworld, which are all located an hour from the city. The abundance of open and green spaces, public playgrounds and pools add to the great community vibe.

  1. Abundance of Nature

The Scenic Rim, which is home to the world’s largest subtropical rainforest, is just a few hours away from Brisbane. This proximity attracts adventure seekers and nature lovers. The friendly accommodations also make it a great spot for overnighters who wish to go trekking. There are also rainforest and National Park tours for locals and travellers alike.

  1. Longer Days of Sunshine

Queensland’s capital is the sunniest place in Australia. If you enjoy the summer months, you’ll definitely love moving to Brisbane. Melbourne only has 185 days of sunshine every year; Sydney has 236. And Brisbane? Residents enjoy a total of 261 sunny days.

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Considering the abundance of nature and the residents’ sunny disposition, it’s no wonder that many people from all over the country and even the world are moving to this part of Australia. If you’re planning to relocate, consider Brisbane and see for yourself why people love this city.

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