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Furnishing Your First office? Here’s How Second-hand Office Furniture Can Help You

Office FurnitureFurnishing your workplace is both fun and challenging. The fun comes when you are enjoying browsing through Pinterest photos of workplace interior. The challenging part is when you want to recreate the professional-looking space with a tight budget. It can also be very intimidating because how your office looks affect your employees’ productivity.

There are many used office cubicles and other furniture you can buy from stores like New Life Office. But are they worth it? Apart from working on a small budget, here are three reasons when you need to settle for second-hand items.

When You’re Moving after a Year

If you’re planning to move headquarters after a year or two, it’s better to buy second-hand office furniture. While you can always bring your office furniture to the new office, some organizations stay at smaller offices while their new, shiny headquarters is being built from the ground up. New office spaces often involve bigger budgets for new office furniture that match the interior design. If you share the similar situation, it is better to buy second-hand items, for now, so you won’t feel bad about disposing or donating them later.

If You Need the Office Furniture Right Away

Second-hand furniture is often easier to get because the items are already at hand. Compared to buying custom-made items wherein you need to wait a while for the stocks to arrive or for the things to be built to your specifications. If you’re working on a tight budget and a tight schedule, it is advisable to get used office furniture. You’ll save both time and money, especially if you’re a startup company fighting to keep overhead costs low.

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If You only Need Specific Items

There’s a big difference if you have custom-made office furniture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get other items second-hand. For instance, you can custom-made your tables, but you can get the preloved chairs. Custom-built storage cabinets are useful, but you can still get second-hand but well-maintained conference tables to save on costs.

Save Money and Time

When it comes to furnishing the workplace, you need to be strategic and economical to help you save time and money. Second-hand office furniture is also great if you’re big on saving Mother Earth too.

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