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Getting Around New Zealand: Useful Pointers for First-time Travellers

A Tram In New Zealand New Zealand is a relatively small country. In fact, it consists of two islands with a total geographical area of 268,000km. Its largest city, Auckland, has two harbours that surround an isthmus, which is less than two kilometres at its narrowest point. Despite its compact size, however, New Zealand remains keen on travel and transportation. Here’s how locals — and tourists — can get around:

By Bus

Travelling by bus is ideal, especially if you’re on a budget and prefer to sit back and enjoy the passing scenery. Bus services are generally reliable and comfortable. Smaller buses have a good legroom, while larger ones are air-conditioned and equipped with toilets. Manned by friendly Kiwi drivers, New Zealand buses can connect travellers to popular tourist destinations.

By Car

Car rentals are popular in New Zealand. Tourist agencies often suggest this option, as it can provide greater flexibility than taking public transportation. If you’re travelling with your family or a large group, Metropolitan Rentals recommends hiring a ride that can get you to places beyond the reach of public transportation. By renting a car, you also have the privilege of setting your own timetable.

By Train

If you wish to experience a mix of local and tourist transportation, we must recommend New Zealand’s railway system. It largely caters to tourists and sightseeing as it provides remarkable scenic journeys and shows off spectacular country landscapes. The KiwiRail operates three routes, which travellers must experience even once during their visit.

  • The Northern Explorer – links Wellington and Auckland through North Island.
  • The Coastal Pacific – passes the coastline between Christchurch and Picton.
  • The TranzAlpine – the most famous route that links Christchurch and Greymouth while passing through the Southern Alps.
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Before flying to New Zealand, make sure to prepare an itinerary that entails each period of destination as well as the most suitable kind of transportation to get there. Doing this allows you to travel conveniently and worry-free.

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