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Great Hardwood Floor Trends For You

Hardwood FloorHardwood floors are always trendy. There are traditional methods on how to properly maintain it. Some people choose to sand, finish, and buff their hardwood floors every five years and your hardwood flooring keep it glow.

Before you refinish your hardwood floors, you might want to consider some changes. These are new techniques, so it is advisable to contact a contractor who offers hardwood floors refinishing in Orange County, California, so you can talk to them about doing these hardwood styling trends for you.

Low Gloss Flooring

Hardwood floors are known for their shine. A lot of homeowners refinish their floors to get it. However, maintenance takes time, effort, and money.

Those who dislike the maintenance needed for shiny hardwood floors prefer low gloss flooring instead. They still need sanding, refinishing, and buffing, but these are more bearable. This is a good choice if you have kids or pets that tend to cause scratches on the floors.

Gray Finish

If you have a Scandinavian-styled interior, you might want to replace your hardwood floor’s glossy finish to a gray one. A gray finish offers a neutral tone unlike the brown one. This flooring trend matches modern housing where minimalist furniture is used.

Wider Planks

The size range of wooden planks has changed a lot over the years. Today, the width of planks ranges from 2 and ½ to 12 inches. Wide planks are easier to install and maintain than narrow ones. These match bedroom flooring well.

Dark Woods

Hardwood floors with naturally darker hues are also an emerging trend. Sources of dark wood include cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut. For this one, opt for dark, glossy finishes. This trend complements a home with a rural style.

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Recycled Woods

Recycled or reclaimed woods offer an environmentally friendly option. These woods are mostly from old homes and salvaged woods. They look as timeless as regular hardwood, and is cheaper than other options.

Lime-washed Woods

Beach houses with hardwood flooring have one thing in common: a lighter appearance. This is in contrast to the dark hardwood trend. Lime-washed woods, as the name suggest, are planks washed with lime to lighten their hue.

For your next hardwood floor refinishing, don’t limit your choices to the brown, glossy finish. Take a look at various hardwood flooring trends. You can find something that helps create your home’s unique style.

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