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Have the Time of Your Love Life with Some Dance Moves

People DancingFact: Falling in love is one of the best things in the world.

It’s no wonder that singles flock to social events, speed dating, and other forms of gatherings. They read countless magazines and books that talk about finding the one, listen to podcasts, and follow successful dating experts.

You might be one of them.

But if you’ve tried every trick in the book and still end up dateless, worry not. There might be another trick you haven’t tried – dancing.

Better Dancing Makes You Better Looking?

People fawn over Patrick Swayze, enroll in classes, or stream lessons on dancenetwork.tv for several reasons; a better dating life could be one of them.

For starters, dancing can do wonders for your figure. Partner dancing is already a strenuous workout. Dancers should engage all their major muscle groups, which tones muscles traditional workouts rarely focus on. Just three songs of hip-hop, salsa, or even ballroom are enough to work up a sweat.

Dancing also improves posture. Since dancing demands a good frame, it trains your body to maintain a good posture. When you stand up straight, you’ll look taller and also better.

The Art of Flirting with Dancing

Dance is also flirtatious by design. You have the permission to flaunt them, minus the consequences. If you’re feeling confident enough, you can also flirt for real and hope for the best.

That’s the point.

Dance is your open space to practice the art of flirting by moving your body. It’s the place where you can be comfortable in making eye contact. Take Frankie Manning’s advice: pretend you’re in love for three minutes.

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An Instant Makeover

If you want a new look without stressing at the salon, dancing is one of your options. Swinging your hips or busting out some moves helps you become more confident inside and out. Learning how to dance teaches you to move with grace and etiquette – an instant makeover that attracts many.

So, if you want a new move in your dating game, consider dancing. Someone just might notice your amazing dance moves.

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