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Healthier Body and Mind: Exercises That Can Make You Beautiful Inside and Out

Healthy Body and MindPhysical activities or regular exercises can improve your well-being. It can reduce the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression as well anxiety. It improves your mood, sleeping patterns, and strengthens your muscles. Most importantly, it enables you to manage stress and maintain mental fitness.

According to the online poll of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, in order to cope with stress, 14% of respondents use exercise to cope with stress. 18% talk to family and friends, 17% resort to sleeping while 14% cope by watching movies or TV. Another 14% result to eating while 13% listen to music.

Certain exercises allow you to have a healthier body and mind. Such physical activities help a lot in making you feel better about yourself, inside and out.

Body and Mind Exercises

  • Yoga – Strengthen your whole body with all those stretching movements and with the help of exercise bands. It enhances your flexibility and improves the health of your heart. Since the movements are controlled, includes meditation, and focuses on breathing, it enables your mind to relax and release stress.
  • Pilates – This exercise improves posture, core strength, flexibility, and reduces the risk for heart disease. Similar to yoga, it uses exercise mats and flex-bands. It also emphasizes on the relationship of movement to breathing thus, enabling you to de-stress and release anxiety.
  • Tai Chi – Seemingly like a graceful, slow motion martial arts dance, this exercise improves the flow of “chi” or life energy. It also increases your strength and flexibility. Tai-chi is calming and relaxing which is a good influence on your mind and heart.
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Daily routines may cause you to feel the stress, anxiety or even depression. The focus on breathing and flexibility enables you to cope with the negative effects of daily routines. Body and mind exercises increase your self-esteem, improve your overall physical body, and enhance your intellectual ability. Remember, developing a healthy mind is as important as strengthening your body. Be more beautiful, look better, feel better inside and out.

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