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Hotel vs. Motel: What’s the Better Investment?

Hotel and Motel Business LifestyleYou may think that hotels and motels are interchangeable — and for a tourist, there’s nothing wrong in thinking that. If you’re planning to invest in a lifestyle business through property purchases, however, the difference is something you should know.

Here are the important things to know about the difference between hotels and motels:

1. Access

Hotels are often near leisure spots and attractions. This means they are sparser and are set up more keenly towards tourists. Motels, on the other hand, are closer to highways, airports and main roads. When looking for a motel for sale, Resort Brokers Australia suggests that you have to make sure it’s near as much car and foot traffic as possible.

2. Cost

It’s a fact that staying in a motel costs less than a hotel. Does this mean that you can expect fewer profits from a motel? What you should keep in mind is that any property purchase is only as good as the clients you get — whether it’s a hotel or a motel. There’s no definite way to judge how much more you’ll earn between these two types of accommodations, unless you have two properties sitting next to each other.

3. Amenities

Another thing you should remember is that hotels — no matter how small — are expected to have swimming pools, gyms, theatres, conference rooms and other amenities that motels don’t. While you’ll be able to charge more for the use of such amenities, you have to maintain them even during the off-peak season.

In the end, running and buying a hotel costs more than purchasing a motel. If this is your first foray into the lifestyle sector, then a motel may be your best bet. You have fewer things to worry about and you get a lot of experience before you move on to your next venture.

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