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It’s Always Sunny: Why Skylights Enhance Your Home

Room With A SkylightIf you want to get a glimpse of the night sky as you sleep or feel the sun on your skin as the morning comes, then installing a skylight in your Massachusetts home can be a good decision.

For these spectacular additions to your home, consult with a reliable roofing company in Billerica, MA. Ideal for bedrooms, as well as large living spaces, you can choose from an assortment of sizes and styles.

Apart from giving you a clear view of the sky and setting the mood during rainy days, what else can skylights do for your home?

Natural Lighting without the Loss of Privacy

With skylights, you’ll be able to enjoy the sun shining in your bedroom without worrying about prying eyes. These also come with various features like automated shades and blinds. Just make sure that you employ the general rule, which dictates that the size of the skylight shouldn’t be more than 5%of the floor area in rooms with many windows.


With skylights, you can save money on energy bills. While heat rises and goes out through skylights, lower level windows will pull in cool air. This will reduce your energy consumption, especially if you’ve become too dependent on air conditioning.

These factors depend on the position of the skylight. Placing it on a north-facing slope is best if you live in a location where the climate is warmer. This ensures that you will receive the lowest amount of passive solar heat. But if you live in a cold area, a south-facing window will surely offset heating costs.

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Skylights provide homes with natural light and ventilation. When properly installed, these can minimize energy costs. “Get lost” in the clouds or gaze and marvel at the starry sky from the comfort of your bedroom with skylights in your home.

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