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Know When to Bring Your Car – and Its Tires – for Servicing

A Car in SnowThe life of a car tire depends on many different factors, from the materials used to their construction method to any other life-increasing technology that the manufacturer may have used on it. Of course, the higher the quality of the tire is, the longer use you can get out of it.

However, there are certain times wherein tires may have to undergo repairs or replacements sooner than expected. These usually arise from improper use or accidents. The important thing is to bring your ride to a Kaysville car service like Shadetree Automotive immediately after you have noticed one or several of them are already flat, which can result from the following:

Driving on sharp objects

Objects that have sharp sides or pointed ends are some of the biggest enemies of tires, especially those that already have several years on them. Punctures from items even as small as glass shards, nails, and screws can lead to air leaking out of the tires, inevitably making them go flat. While you most likely do your best not to pass over debris on the road, you can’t completely avoid them.

Leaky tire bead or valve stem

When the tire bead – the seal covering a tire’s surface – develops damages, air will start to leak out of the tire. Also, keep in mind that the valve stem is another crucial component of a tire that can leak and result in a flat. The more time that passes, the sooner the tire will go flat.

So as soon as you notice symptoms of a tire about to go flat, including unusual vibrations from or a pulsating steering wheel and/or odd noises such as grinding or groaning, bring your ride for service right away.  This way, a professional mechanic can find ways to restore the malfunctioning tire/tires to its optimal working condition, helping you save money on not having to purchase entirely new tires.

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