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Learn and Understand the Proper Way to Respond to Workplace Spills

Workplace SpillAn accidental spill in your workplace, whether it is a chemical, oil, coffee or milk, is not something you must take for granted. It might seem harmless, but it can cause injuries and severe problems if you do not clean it up properly. Your co-workers are not only at risk of slipping or falling for you might also expose them to hazardous fumes and substances. Learn how to manage those spills properly and understand how to avoid them in the first place.

Preparing for Spills

Whenever you are trying to remedy this kind of situation, make sure that you know the suitable spill response techniques, handling practices and proper storage. You have to identify the different materials in your workspace and understand the proper practices for each.

Ensure that the rest of your team knows how to handle spills by formulating a response plan and preparing them to respond to various spills. This should instruct them on the proper spill response, disposal and clean up methods. Once they know the proper ways to do it, provide them with the correct protective gear like respirators, overalls, safety glasses and gloves. Those who are unaware of the proper clean up method should inform their co-workers and supervisor immediately.

Cleaning Off Spills

If you understood the spill response plan and are confident to clean it yourself, soak the spill using absorbents or sweep it using a broom and dustpan. Meticulously decontaminate and clean the floors and tools, surfaces or machinery affected. Ensure that you dispose of the contaminated materials in a double plastic bag and put them inside a metal or plastic drum.

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For the safety of others, label it as “Hazardous Waste” along with the kind of materials spilt and the date. Afterwards, organise proper storage or discard of the drum.

It is virtually impossible to create a workspace that is entirely spill-proof. However, you can rely on the proper spill response to get rid of it quickly before any accidents occur.

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