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Make Use of that Outdoor Space: Create an Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor gardenScience has long since backed it up: spending time outdoors benefit people physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. From reduced stress levels to improved sleeping habits, there are really plenty of reasons to enjoy spending time outdoors.

The best thing about this, though, is that you don’t have to go far from your home to reap all these benefits. With some careful planning, you can transform a portion of your property’s outdoor area into an exterior living space, which then gives you round-the-clock access to all these healthy opportunities. Here are a few tips for you to get started.

Begin a greening project.

Start with this as it’ll take a bit of your time. You'll find that it’s entirely worth it to do it correctly once you see all the lush green and vibrant colors springing out of your garden, however.

Dot the area with seasonal and evergreen plants. It’s best to divide the greens into those that you’ll plant directly in the soil and those that will go into containers. For the latter, consider investing in high-quality pots, such as garden planters from Italy, France, or Belgium, to house them. Aside from their beauty, these well-made pots last long and allow for easier plant identification and organization. It’s also a great idea to add edible herbs to your plant list, so you always have something fresh and nutritious to add to your home-cooked meals.

Decorate with pretty and functional furnishings.

Once you’ve finished setting up your greening project, furnish your outdoor living space. It’s important to choose those that come with weather-resistant features, as they will sit outside all day long. Comfortable, cozy, and durable seating and tables, plus throw pillows will give you a nice place to relax and unwind after a hard day at work or school.

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As early as now, start planning your home improvement project so you can transform that bare outdoor space into an additional healthy, comfortable space.

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