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Making a Difference: Reasons for Volunteering in Hospice Care

Volunteering in Hospice CareVolunteers are people who work and serve for free, and in healthcare, working with individuals like them are a blessing. CFHCare.org shares that those who volunteer in hospices, both young and old, benefit not only the patients of the healthcare facility but also the people working there and themselves, as well. 

In the United States, there are currently 96,000 volunteers in hospice care who devote their resources and their time in providing support to the patients and staff. Most of them volunteered after encountering death in the family, which is why they understand the value of these facilities.

If you’re planning to work in hospice care, these reasons should tell you you're making the right decision.

Make a Difference

There are people who want to work in hospice care because of their personal experience and they want to help families deal with a dying loved one. Families also appreciate a visit from a person who knows what they’re going through. 

By volunteering, you show your support to patients. You can visit them on a regular basis, write letters, take walks with them, read to them, or if you have the skills, you may provide massage therapy.

Help with Fundraising and Administrative Work

If the hospice care facility near you holds fundraising events regularly, you can help contact possible donors for the next one. You can help with preparing announcement mail, emails and thank-you letters for those involved in the event.

Gain Professional, Personal, and Life Experience

Through volunteering, you can gain work experience that you can use as leverage when you're looking for a job in the same industry. 

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Caring for people in hospice care is a big responsibility because you’re helping people live comfortably in their final days. You offer support and care, which they should have more access to at this time of their lives.

Before you go to the nearest hospice care and look for the sign-up sheet, remember that you need to complete extensive training and orientation first because you’ll be working with people who are not going through a normal phase in their life. This is no easy task, kind soul, but if you’re up to make a difference, then go forth and devote be a blessing to someone.

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