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Making Your Holiday Lighting Exciting and Eye-Catching

Beautiful Christmas lightsWhether indoors or outdoors, Christmas lights are a staple decor during the holidays. For one, the lights don’t require a lot of space. It is common to see homes and buildings outlined by dazzling lights. Some use the lights only on the base of their roofs.

Here are a few ideas that can take your Christmas decorations a notch higher. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire professional holiday lighting services, your decor will surely be unforgettable.

Neon-Colored Lights

Whatever the occasion is, neon-colored lights add a dash of fun to your decorations. Especially during Christmas. Use dazzling lights to line up your home and trees, and project an illusion of color and fun.

White Lights

Red and green colors are prevalent during the Yuletide season, as well as metallic colors. White lights would be a perfect complement for these colors. If you want to offer something unique, you can go for an all-white light theme. Decorating your windows, roof, garden, and trees with lights and garlands – all in white – lends an elegant and regal look.

Cascading Lights

Cascading holiday lights offer a sophisticated and whimsical look, and work well with different themes. Outline your stair rails with them or hang them on trees. You can also use them on your roof base and window frames.

Bottled Lights

A variation of snow globes, bottled lights can be used to adorn your counters and tables. The bottles can also be used to light up the pathway in your garden. Traditional Christmas lights with bigger bulbs offer a more exciting look.

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Fire Pits Imitation

While it can be a great holiday decoration, placing a fire pit in your premises can be time-consuming, not to mention unsafe. You can, however, make a fake one using Christmas lights and twigs and light up your open space.

These are only a few holiday lighting ideas that you can try. Whether you do it on your own or hire professionals to do it for you, it will surely help ignite the Christmas spirit in everyone.

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