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New Car Sales in NZ Posts Record Number in January

Car Sales in New ZealandNew Zealanders’ purchase of new cars for sale hit a new record growth in January, up 16% year over year, according to data from the Motor Industry Association (MIA).

The record high figure indicated no slowdown in the automobile industry that has been experiencing strong sales for three years in a row. Vehicle registrations in January reached 13,823 compared to the same month in 2015.

The association said that the figure represented the biggest growth ever recorded for January. Likewise, Auckland Motors added that this is good news for both dealers and buyers.

Strong Start

MIA CEO David Crawford said that the sales growth in January bodes well for the car industry in 2017, as it marked a solid start to a new sales year. Net immigration, tourism, low cost of debt and a strong national economy all contributed to the increase in sold cars.

By comparison, passenger cars and sports utility vehicle (SUV) registrations rose 14% to 10,150 vehicles in the previous year. Commercial vehicle registrations also increased 23% to 3,673 cars.

For the entire 2016 period, the MIA said that there were 146,753 car registrations, which was the biggest record for an annual period.

Brand Names

MIA said that the most popular car model sold in January was the Ford Ranger, as 741 registrations were tallied in the month. The Toyota Corolla trailed behind with 590 registrations. Other top picks for new cars included Toyota RAV4, Holden Captiva and Holden Commodore.

Those who bought SUVs accounted for 40% of the overall registrations in January, while passenger cars sold in the month represented 32%.

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It’s arguably the best time to buy a new car in New Zealand today, given the promising figures by the MIA. If you plan to purchase a new one, make sure you transact with one of the most established motor vehicle dealers in the country.

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