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Not Just For Aesthetics: The Surprising Uses for Botox

Woman Getting Botox InjectionsWhilst Botox is famous for smoothing wrinkles, its numerous uses have astonished the medical community. Three decades ago, Botox was regarded mainly as a cosmetic enhancement drug, but over half of its revenue these days comes from its therapeutic uses.

Are you planning to get a Botox treatment in Solihull soon? You might want to know the other benefits of this innovative procedure. Here are some of the alternative uses of Botox:

Excessive Underarm Sweating

It all started when scientists realised that patients with facial spasms had less sweat. They decided to pursue examining if Botox can successfully treat patients who have primary axillary hyperhidrosis. By 2004, FDA approved the treatment and some even use it to take care of their overly sweaty feet and hands.

Chronic Migraines

In 1992, Dr. William Binder who is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon noticed that his patients who had Botox for wrinkles reported fewer headaches. After a few years, a pharmaceutical company tried the drug on people who had chronic migraines, which led to its approval in 2010. Some doctors, however, still argue whether Botox really reduces migraines or not.

Overactive Bladder

Dr. Linda Brubaker of the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine found that around 70 per cent of women who got Botox admitted they only needed to pee three times a day. In fact, these same women had to pee five times a day at the beginning of the study. There is, however, a downside to this treatment. Using Botox frequently shuts down the bladder, which would eventually require women to use a catheter.

Botox could also treat severe neck spasms and crossed eyes. Other uses of Botox include treatment for depression, premature ejaculation, abnormal heartbeat, severely cold hands and cleft lip scars in babies. No wonder this drug never fails to surprise the medical community.

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