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Office Design Trends: Create the Perfect Small Business Office

An empty conference room Office design has vastly changed from the traditional model of cubicles, enclosed spaces, and solo work. Now, companies have shifted towards design trends that enhance productivity.

The popular office styles include open plans and cluster desks office furniture. Leading office furniture designer Precept Design believes the best office layout is one that fosters a collaborative environment while maintaining boundaries and privacy.

Even with a small business, you can create the best office design that incorporates such trends and encourages better productivity. Here are some trends you can follow.


You can incorporate in your office perhaps one of the biggest trends in office design and work environment — activity-based work. With activity-based work, your employees can work wherever in the office they please.

Informal Areas

Besides activity-based workspaces, you can also designate areas for informal work. In these areas, your employees, no matter their position in the company hierarchy, can mingle and socialise with each other while working.

Green Spaces

Many Australian offices have also gone down the green path. In the same vein, you can allow more sunlight and fresh air into your office, install green spaces, or encourage exercise. You can even have standing desks instead of the usual desk as employees nowadays consider sitting just like smoking.

Understand Employee Behaviour

A careful analysis of worker behaviour can provide you with insight as to what office design trends can work in your office and what can’t. With such understanding, you can minimise unnecessary construction costs and focus only on design elements that will give you a return on your investment.

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You can take your time in planning for your small business’ office. The more you plan, the better you can design your office perfectly.

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