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Prevent Falls and Slips in Your Home

Elderly on a relaxing safe bathtub
How safe is your house? One little slip can lead to serious injury, especially if you have children and older members in your family. Sometimes, there are health-related factors why falls occur, but you can prevent this using several ways to make your home a safe zone for your family.

Install a walk-in bathtub

Ordinary bathtubs are particularly risky for seniors or family members that have mobility problems. Many accidents that happen in the bathtub occur as the person enters or exits the bathtub. Heavenly Walk In Tubs suggests that an easy way to solve this is to install a portable walk-in bathtub for seniors.

The tub comes with a door on the front side that keeps the water inside and prevents it from flooding the floor. As they are easy to enter and they drain fast, walk-in bathtubs are very safe for all users.

Keep your house clutter free

A cluttered house is difficult to maneuver. Remove unwanted furniture, boxes, electric wires, bowls and other items to minimize the risk of tripping.

Improve the lighting

A leading cause of falls in houses is poor visibility. Replace old bulbs with new bright ones to make it easy to see around the room. Ensure switches are easy to reach. Always switch on the lights when moving around the house, especially at night, so that you see any potential safety hazards. Keep flashlights close to you in case of a power disruption.

Install rails and grab holds

Put handrails on each side of your stairways for your family members to use as they go up and down the stairs. Install grab holds in the bathroom too. Railing and grab holds are especially helpful for seniors, who need extra support when moving around or using these facilities.

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Create a home that is safe for everyone in your house. Eliminate the risks and do your best to your family the gift of freedom and ease to move around your home without worries.

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