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Reasons Why You Need Endodontic Therapy

Girl Getting Dental TreatmentDid you know that you could trick your entire mind and body into thinking that it’s happy by only smiling? According to scientists, smiling allows the release of feel-good neuropeptides that gives your brain a positive effect.  Whenever you flash a smile, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins run wild through your brain circuits so that your fake smile becomes a genuine one in a short span of time. 
But, what if a toothache, a fistula on your gums, or a tooth abscess deep in your root canals forbid you from smiling?
When any of these situations arise, it's best to head on over to a dental clinic that specializes in endodontics. Springville, Utah  or any state has many dentists who can give you the best endodontic therapy they could offer.

1. Pain

The most common symptom of a dying tooth pulp is pain that has three classifications. First, there is a lingering pain, which could mean your tooth has dead nerves inside which are unlikely to be saved. 
Second, there is a positional pain, which is triggered by lying down or standing up;  and referred pain, which affects areas surrounding your damaged tooth that could mean the presence of an abscess.

2. Abscess

When nerves within a tooth die, the blood supply which carries antibacterial cells to the affected tooth is cut. Also, the site becomes a breeding ground for abscess-causing bacteria, which could then spread around the dead tooth's surrounding area.

3. Gum fistula

Also known as gum boil, fistula on your gums are pimple-like bumps that are usually white in appearance. Considered as an indicator of acute infection, they serve as a pathway for abscess from within the tooth that need to be flushed out of the gum's surface.
If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it’s best that you visit your dentist for an endodontic therapy. Your dentist can save your tooth or give you a root canal treatment that will prevent the infection from spreading. 
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