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Regular Activities That Reconnect You With Your Kids

Parent Bonding With Children"We just don't have anything in common". Kids and parents say these lines too often, and it results in heartbreaking relationships. The fact is, as a parent, you were also once a kid, and that is already common ground. With that kind mindset, it won't be hard to follow through on these practical pointers that can help you reconnect with your child.

Talk Over a Meal

It doesn't matter if it's a pizza delivery order or at a buffet at a family restaurant, connecting with your child over a meal with small talk and long conversations is a great way to reconnect. 

Just make sure it doesn't end up being you talking most of the time. It's more important to listen to your child share their thoughts and experiences without any fear of you turning it into a lecture.

Play At Home

Home is a place to relax and de-stress. The thing is, one of the most effective ways to de-stress and relax is playing with your children. If you view your kid as a stressful element in your life, they most likely will feel it, and that will widen your gap. 

Remember, enjoyment is a mutual state. Playing with them can create a more conducive atmosphere for appreciation and acceptance, if done regularly and with the right attitude.

Take A Trip Together

It doesn't always have to be a trip that only your kids will like. Share with them your interests too. Take them to a fishing trip in Orlando Florida with Captain Micah Tolliver, buy tickets to a ballgame or bring them to family day events at work. Remember though that you're primary aim for the trip is for your child to enjoy your company and your favored activity.

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It's never too late to build bridges. It's a better option than having your child burn them when he's already grown up. Creating a strong and meaningful relationship with them doesn't need to take too much of your time, money and effort. It only takes consistent, short and useful reminders and activities of how much they truly mean to you.

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