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Repairing Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

Residential Water HeaterIf your water heaters suddenly malfunctioned or experience leaks, it's time to seek professional help.

But what if the emergency occurred in the middle of the night? Some professional plumbers offer services 24/7, but what if you prefer to do things on your own?

It is always a great idea to have knowledge on hot water system repairs. Basic know-how reveals a thing or two about usual concerns.

For example, there are two common types of problems with a malfunctioned hot water heater: either it produces water that is too hot or not hot enough. You can easily adjust the temperature dial of the water heater, and then check the temperature of the water at the faucet.

For Whipple Service Champions, a group of professional plumbers, addressing water heater concerns in Salt Lake City immediately is a smart move. 

But what's your first step?

What if hot water is too hot?

When the water is too hot, the first thing to do is lower down the temperature. Take note of the present setting or better yet mark it. Then turn it to a cooler setting. You can wait up to an hour or two, and then check if the problem is resolved.

What if the water is not hot enough?

You need to make sure that the water heater is not leaking. Try flushing the water heater tank to make sure that mineral deposits are not compromising the system’s efficiency. Also, try testing the temperature-pressure valve to keep the pressure from building up in the boiler and to ensure it is in proper working condition. Lift its handle and take note that the water should ditch from the excess pipe.

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You can also lessen the energy that it takes to heat water by insulating the water pipes. This is applicable if your heater is too far from your faucets. This way you can access your hot water system pipes, from your basement.

Hire the best repairing team of water heaters in Salt Lake City. In most cases, plumbing contractors also provide heating and air, as well as electrical services to their customers. Rest assured that their staff is well trained, and certified for service.

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