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Respect for the Water: Man’s Relationship with the Sea

Speed Boat on the OceanThere is truly something about the sea that keeps people in awe. Those who love to hit the sand and surf on those rare occasions that they can, and especially those that have lived by the ocean for a long time, do not understand people who say they hate the water.

Literary and cinematic regard

Writers and filmmakers have been using great bodies of water as a central part of their plot since time immemorial. There is just something mysterious about open water, something that nobody can be immune to, something that deserves respect. That something is what makes water so great to write or make a film about.


Even those who would never trade their hectic lives in a metropolis — an urban jungle, if you may — for the quaint if sandy life by the ocean, would still not hesitate to visit the water on a sunny weekend or holiday. A few hours or perhaps a couple of days of surfing, swimming, watching the tide and the sunset, sitting by a bonfire in the sand, looking at the stars in a blanket of sky that never seems to end and listening to the waves coming and going — sometimes those few hours or days near the water are all one needs to recuperate and recharge, then one can go back to the hectic lifestyle with a sound mind, a ready body and a happy heart.

Beach dwellers

On the other hand, people who live near the ocean usually won’t have it any other way.

When you live in a house by the beach, you find a profound respect for the sea and its surroundings that city-dwellers are not likely to share or understand. You might even become smug about it, but you just know that you take it as a personal insult when a tourist so much as leaves a Coke can on your beach. Even as you’re shopping for used speed boats for sale in the UK from Rusell Powerboats, you know you will always get a good deal because that is just how much you understand the sea, life by the sea and everything connected to it.

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Different strokes for different folks, but you know there is one thing that is not likely to change soon: the sea — or any open body of water, for that matter — deserves people’s respect. After all, what is a man’s silly little existence compared to the majesty of the water?

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