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Restore the Appearance and Function of Damaged Teeth with Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crown Modern dentistry offers Australians numerous solutions for different oral health problems. If you have a chipped Dental Crown tooth, you can have it fixed within the hour. When there is a need to improve the Modern dentistry offers Australians numerous solutions for different oral health problems. If you have a chipped colour of your teeth, you only have to undergo a few treatments for celebrity-like shiny white teeth. A lovely smile is just a dental appointment away.

Knowing the scope of current dental services is essential to every homemaker. In Taree, dentists perform routine procedures that will surely bring, keep, and restore that captivating set of teeth. For starters, have you heard about crowns and bridges?

What dental needs do crown and bridges fulfil?

Restoring a tooth’s structure and appearance takes a lot of work. What if you also have to correct a bite problem? When you are dealing with more than one issue, which arise from a damaged or missing tooth, perhaps it’s time to decide on whether you’ll go for a permanent corrective option. Two of the most reliable tools in dentistry are bridges and crowns. If you are wondering which is better, perhaps you need to differentiate between the two first.

Are bridges and crowns the same?

While they have similar applications, crowns and bridges are two different things. Both offer ample protection to a week tooth, saving it from further damage.

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.While a crown finds its way on top of a damaged tooth in order to restore its wholesome appearance, a bridge usually spans multiple teeth. Essentially, dental crowns solve problems related to one missing or damaged tooth. Meanwhile, a bridge fills in the space of missing teeth. When there is a wide gap along the jaw, the bride is anchored to viable teeth, one on each side of the gap. Crowns that fill the space of the lost teeth are connected to the bridge.

The great thing about crowns and bridges is that they serve both functional and aesthetic goals. If you wish to focus on the appearance of your teeth, then do so. Just remember these dental tools also improve function by promoting good alignment and tooth growth.

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