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Seating Ergonomics in Schools: Impact on Personal Learning

school seating

Within a learning environment, the term “seating” pertains not only to the type of seats available, but to their arrangement and placement too.

Educational institutions need to make sure that the school desk for each student features an ergonomic design. A reason for this is school seating ergonomics actually have a major impact on personal learning.

Seating Design: Affects a Student’s Effectiveness in Processing Information

School & Office Direct.com notes that the design of seats plays an important role in how a student processes information. Poorly designed seats dramatically minimize the effectiveness of their user when it comes to perceiving, processing, and storing what their instructors teach them. School desks should provide students with relative comfort, in order for them to have better focus and concentration.

Factors that Make School Desks Ergonomic

The seat pan of a chair is a major ergonomic consideration. It should feature a relatively concave contour that allows for the even distribution of the user’s weight in the buttock’s ischia area. The front part of the seat pan should also have a waterfall-like shape. At the very least, it should have an inch of light padding. Avoid chairs that have too much padding as they may only lead to higher risks of leg discomfort.

The materials used is another factor for ergonomic consideration. All the parts of the desk that will come into contact with the occupant should make use of thermally non-conductive material, such as wood. The backrest must also provide sufficient support for both the lumbar (lower back) and the midback area.

Poor Seating Design and Its Health Impacts

Many studies have proven that school furniture that failed to meet ergonomic standards greatly contributed to the development of various health problems in students of varying ages. Incorrect skeletal development is one of them.

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Keep in mind that seating design also increases the potential of slouching and poor posture. Both have significant health effects, including neck and back pain, tension neck syndrome, occupational overuse syndrome, repetitive strain injury, and other similar musculoskeletal disorders.


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