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Smile Like a Celebrity: Invisalign and the Stars

Invisalign Treatment in Bury St EdmundsNo one is too young or old to benefit from a beautiful smile. There is more to smiling than just showing people you are a perpetually happy person; it also improves your chances of getting a job or attracting someone you fancy.

Not everyone, however, is born with a picture perfect smile — not even your favourite celebrities.

Still hesitating to get Invisalign treatment from your local Bury St Edmunds practice? Here are some celebrities who swear by the power of invisible braces:

Zac Efron

Before High School Musical boosted his career, Zac Efron was just a simple boy with a gap between his front teeth. While it was a cute detail, the actor underwent Invisalign treatment to correct his already white smile.

Years later, the old HSM basketball superstar continues to make hearts jump with movies such as The Neighbors, 17 Again and The Lucky Ones. Today, Zac Efron amazes audiences with his solid white smile.

Tom Cruise

Hollywood A-Lister Tom Cruise has always been famous for his picture perfect smile. When he brought his children to the orthodontist in 2002, however, he realised that his front teeth were not as straight as he thought.

To resolve his little problem, the actor combined ceramic brackets and Invisalign for a metal-free and straight smile.

Giselle Bundchen

Even the best supermodels have issues with their teeth. Giselle Bundchen told interviewers about her wobbly tooth, which convinced her to wear invisible braces. To keep her smile straight for the cameras, she wore Invisalign during the night, taking advantage of the treatment’s flexible system

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Recent advancements in dental technology paved the way to convenient treatments. In the case of celebrities, discreet is better, which is why they are big fans of Invisalign treatments. It straightens the teeth minus the ghastly metal appearance.

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