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Some Precautions to Take When You Reach 60

Golden YearsChronic pain and ailments, especially if you are predisposed to them, are expected to be felt as you advance in years. But it does not mean though that you are not in good health anymore.

You have been used to doing a lot of things in your youth, from enjoying good food to engaging in strenuous sports activities. As you grow older, however, you may have noticed a lot of change happening to you. Perhaps you tire easily or you feel your arms and legs grow weary after only an hour of sports activity. You may not admit it but these are signs telling you to slow down. So which things should you do in moderation from now on?

Know what to eat

You love good food and have been sampling practically almost every food that looked really appetizing. But now that you are turning 60, you need to watch what food you eat particularly if you see signs of some chronic ailments like rheumatoid arthritis starting to show. For all you know, such condition may also spark the onset of another chronic ailment like low thyroid Hashimoto’s autoimmune condition.

Understand chronic joint pain

In case you are suffering from one, you might want to avoid nightshade vegetables as part of your daily rheumatoid arthritis care. You see, studies cited by Body Ecology claims that these types of food aggravate joint pains. So try to prevent yourself from eating one from now on.

Try adventurous sports

There are some exceptional few who are able to engage in strenuous sports activities well into their old age. If you believe and feel you can be one, then go and do it. But, if you are just trying to be one, better not force it. You might injure yourself doing so.

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Participate in simple activities

Engaging in simple activities, like brisk walking or taking a leisurely stroll along a hilly path, can do wonders to your body. It has been proven many times in the past that engaging in simple activities like this can greatly help alleviate the pain caused by chronic ailments like rheumatoid arthritis. It may not be as spirited as your former activities but you will be surprised at how these modest activities can help you.

Think of a new hobby

Caring for your mental faculties is equally important as taking care of your body. It might even help take off your mind from the chronic pain you regularly feel. Forget crosswords or other kinds of puzzles, says a study published in the Daily Mail, which recommends you instead try to learn new things like digital photography. This activity can help you a lot in keeping your mind sharp and agile.

Growing old does not mean your health will definitely deteriorate until you are confined to a wheelchair. Chronic pain or ailments at this stage can be considered normal. But, you can still enjoy a vigorous life if you do what is good for you and avoid what is not.

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