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Stay on Top of the Vet Business Game with These Ideas

Veterinary Clinic According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2015, the United States has more than 65,000 veterinarians. Meanwhile, the job outlook is 9% up to 2024, which is faster than the national average.

As a vet operating a clinic, it can mean two things: more fresh blood to help you out or more competitors in the making. Right now, it’s best to prepare for the latter to make sure you’re always a step ahead.

Here are four smart and less-used marketing strategies to improve your A-game in the industry:

1. Veterinary Address Labels

Make your business stand out from the get-go. Use custom veterinary address labels from positiveimpressionsllc.com that may include cute animal images in an impressive background. Place these labels in your mail and promotional items.

2. Incentives on Referrals

Word of mouth remains a powerful tool to attract new clients, so make the most of it by rewarding those who advertise your business for free. Give discounts, rebates, or credit perhaps according to the number of new clients they bring in or the type of service these new clients obtained from the clinic.

3. Loyalty Program

You can then supplement the referral plan with a loyalty program, which may include special rates on the pets’ birthdays or exclusive discounts to new services. Moreover, as part of this program, develop a system to draw in old or dormant clients back to your clinic probably through a discount.

4. Volunteering

Some professionals avoid volunteering because of the wrong idea they wouldn’t get business out if it – there’s no money in it. Not only does this activity help improve your skills and knowledge for almost at no cost, but you can also meet organizations who can potentially refer your business to major clients such as their sponsors.

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This is the best time to position your business well in the industry before the competition starts to become more challenging. Consider these marketing strategies to give you the upper hand.


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