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Strength and Durability Make Aluminium Balustrades Ideal for Commercial Use

Aluminium BalustradesBalustrades made from aluminium are your ideal choice if you are planning on installing a safety rail in your commercial space. The material is durable, strong, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Aluminium Balustrade

Aluminium balustrades come in various designs. You can also have them customised to fit your specific requirements, says an expert from Active Metal. Only your imagination will limit the things you can do with the material.

A lot of styles are available, including round, square, or oval balusters that may have glass inserts, vertical bar inserts, custom-made inserts, timber top rails, stainless steel wire, and either adjustable or fixed battens or louvres.

Aluminium balusters may be anodised or powder-coated. Thus, you can imagine the myriads of colours available. This makes it possible for you to create any look you want – from the traditional to the ultra-modern look.

Using Aluminium Balusters

There are many applications for aluminium balusters. You can use them as safety rail to surround a balcony or deck, or along staircases. You can also use balustrades as a component of the fencing system of your commercial space, as well as for your pool fencing. You just have to make sure that the set requirements for pool fencing are all met.

For safety rails, aluminium balusters are the logical choice. They are not only attractive; they are very easy to maintain as well. All you need to do to restore their brand new look is to give them an occasional cleaning. They are practically maintenance-free.

Installing Balustrades

To achieve the desired results, have a qualified installer perform the installation job for you. However, you can do it on your own if you have confidence in your DIY abilities.

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Aluminium is a great material for balustrades. It is strong and long-lasting, and more importantly, it looks great. Because it can be custom-made. You can simply specify the colour and design that will fit the overall look of your establishment.

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