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Student Life in London: Spending Wisely and Saving Money

Campus LifeBeing the second best student city in the world London is a top choice for many local and international students. There is so much to see and know about London that you probably could spend your whole life here and not know all its secrets. But it is not a secret that this big city can be a bit expensive place to live in, particularly for students.
Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your life, and perhaps, your cash, in London:

Get Student Discounts and Deals

Student discounts are your best friend amidst the busy and somewhat costly London life. Get a National Union of Students (NUS) card, which will allow you to enjoy price cuts at different shops, restaurants and venues.

Find a Nice, but Affordable Place to Live In

According to the Telegraph, student accommodation costs have doubled in the last decade. There are a lot of student houses, but to find a more affordable student accommodation London, you might need to do some research and work on your negotiating skills (a little charm would help). LHA London recommends choosing a place somewhere central so you would not have to spend a lot on transportation.

Save on Your Travel

The bus or the tube is the best option for students getting to and from universities. London has plenty of train stations connecting students to their hometowns across the country, so getting in and out of the city is quite easy. If you are looking for low-cost international travels, some companies offer good deals to students.
London offers plenty of lifestyle benefits for students, ranging from nightlife to food markets and cultural shows. It may be a costly city to live in and not for everyone, but that would be perfect for those looking for some real-world training for a more challenging yet interesting adult life.

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