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Types of Contact Lenses Based on their Lens Material

Contact lenses are the perfect solution for people who need correction of their vision but do not want to wear eyeglasses. Before you get yourself a pair at a Maple Grove vision clinic, though, you need to know what type of contacts best suits you. Here is some basic information on contact lenses based on […]

3 Benefits of Weight Loss to Your Health

Keeping a healthy weight is important, but often taken for granted. Many individuals practice a sedentary lifestyle and at the same time, eat unhealthy food choices. For some, these unhealthy practices have taken a toll on their overall health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.9 billion people three years ago were overweight. Of these […]

Is it Real Labor or Not? How to Time Your Contractions

Timing your contractions could provide you a more accurate idea of which stage of labor you are at, and most importantly, when you should haul yourself to the hospital. You could keep your eyes glued to the clock, your watch, or download a contraction timer app for better timing. And although contractions won’t feel good […]

Deep Dental Cleaning: When you Need It

Thanks to modern technology, there are a lot of dental procedures at present that can help determine, prevent and treat oral diseases before it gets worse. A simple cleaning can help maintain your healthy sets of teeth. But when things get a little bit serious, your dentist might recommend deep cleaning.  What is deep dental […]

5 Safe Flood Clean-up Tips

Water damage is always bad news to a homeowner. Before entering an affected building, prioritize your safety. It’s also important that a professional checks for electrical and structural damage. Make sure to wear protective gear that includes gloves, boots and respirators.  The following tips can also help you keep safe and avoid damage to the […]