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The Artistic Principles of Good Garden Design

Garden DesignOne of the most significant and valuable of all design features is a line. Think about it, your whole garden involves line from the distant horizon, the tree trunk and the line developed when a lawn ends. In the landscape, your metal fencing panels, driveway and sidewalk form some of the clear and readily accessible lines.

Horizontal lines produce a sense of permanency, while vertical lines portray a sense of strength. This is how essential these artistic codes are to form a good garden design. This article lists other principles to help you create a sanctuary in your own backyard.

The Principle of Color

Color doesn’t only reflect the season, but it also stimulates mood and captivates the eye. This principle is a unifying and powerful tool that it provides predictable effects. Cool greens, purples and blues relax and recede, while warm yellows, oranges and reds brighten and advance.

Single-color arrangements charm with their simplicity, while a combination of hues either strive for attention or seek harmony. Try to balance subtly various hues to form a striking effect.

The Principle of Light

Nothing feels more pleasant than spending early mornings or late evenings in your garden when the plants radiate from the warm backlighting. Shade and light alter the way the colors look and work together. Even though you can’t really control natural light, you can still play with its impact. Just like color, bright light improves your garden visually by making a certain plant or ornament feel closer than they really are.

In the evenings, you can use artificial lighting like a low-voltage lighting system. Different positions and fixtures form various effects. Side lighting creates safety along paths and walks, backlighting outlines a shrub, tree or sculpture, while front lighting features a certain element in a dark spot.

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Your garden is your go-to place after a much-need rest from a busy work week. Create your own sanctuary by following the principles that are the secrets to creating your dream garden.

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